Delivery Truck, Tank Truck & Tank Car

Propane Delivery Truck (a.k.a. Bobtail or Lorrie)
Fuel Oil Delivery Truck

Corken’s reciprocating gas compressors and sliding vane pumps transport liquefied gases (LPG, ammonia and chlorine), refined fuels (gasoline, aviation fuel, biodiesel, lube oils, fuel oils), solvents, and many more. Corken offers several solutions for fuel oil and LPG residential deliveries , aviation refueling, and tank car unloading. Corken offers a great solution for transporting raw materials and finished goods; the end location could be bulk storage facility, or supplying a process with a manufacturing or chemical facility. Each mode of transportation requires a specific point of transfer and Corken’s reciprocating gas compressors and sliding vane pumps are a great solution.

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