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 Sales Brochure:  Propane Miser
Meet the Propane Miser Team and hear why they invented it!
The Propane Miser is a state-of-the-art, turn-key railcar unloading system that safely removes all contained propane to 0 psig.
  • A patent pending automated control system
  • An easy to use touch screen interface
  • A D791 two-stage, double acting compressor
  • All necessary safety controls and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient transaction.
Railcar evacuation: 
as low as 0 PSIG
Propane Savings: up to ~500 gallons per railcar
Offload Speed:
~25% faster offloading
* vs. conventional compressor systems at differential pressure of ~60 psi ending offloading pressure with conventional compressors vs. Propane Miser.
Customer Testimonials:  (Download case study)
  • “After using the Propane Miser our shrink has gone to near 0, and we get to sell this additional propane for market price which is a few hundred thousand additional dollars per year directly to the bottom line. ”
  • "Since installing Propane Miser, our shrink is right on the bubble of zero."
  • "The Propane Miser is effective in getting us the additional propane without adding extra time. It essentially has the capacity of two and half Corken 691 compressors, thus, I don’t need to buy ten Propane Misers, I just need four."
  • "It's easy to say the Propane Miser quickly pays for itself just based upon the increased recovery volumes that we can sell for pure margin, and with the improved railcar throughput it's a no brainer."

Calculate your savings with Propane Miser 

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