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 Sales Brochure:  Propane Miser
Meet the Propane Miser Team and hear why they invented it!
The Propane Miser is a state-of-the-art, turn-key railcar unloading system that safely removes all contained propane to 0 psig.
  • A patent pending automated control system
  • An easy to use touch screen interface
  • A D791 two-stage, double acting compressor
  • All necessary safety controls and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient transaction.
Railcar evacuation: 
as low as 0 PSIG
Propane Savings: up to ~500 gallons per railcar
Offload Speed:
~25% faster offloading
* vs. conventional compressor systems at differential pressure of ~60 psi ending offloading pressure with conventional compressors vs. Propane Miser.

Calculate your savings with Propane Miser 

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