Policies & Miscellaneous Documents

Item # Title Description Format
A200 Sales Policy Contains information on warranty, pricing, minimum order amounts, terms, designs, shipments, cancellation charges, returned materials, literature, and factory and liability from use of product. PDF
A400/A401 Serial Number Prefix Code Chart The serial number tells the story on all modern Corken compressors and pumps. The serial number prefix letters indicate the year and month of manufacture. PDF
_ U.S Export Control Regulations This document details the export obligations required by Corken and its distribution partners as defined by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). PDF
CP534 European Union Addendum - Gas Compressors This addendum only applies to Corken's gas compressors sold into the European Union. This addendum should accompany the following Installation, Operation & Maintenance (IOM) Manuals: IE100, IE101, IE105, IE106, IJ100 and IJ110. PDF
ISO9001 DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate ISO 9001 Certificate PDF
ISO14001 DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate PDF
Sales Bulletin 197 Parts Inventory Adjustment Program This program is designed to reduce the risk to stocking distributors. PDF