Industrial Gas Compression Solutions

Corken provides gas compression solutions to the chemical/petrochemical, oil and natural gas, liquefied gases, truck and transport, liquid terminals, and marine industries. It has one of the most versatile lines of small horsepower (7.5 to 75 hp), oil-free compressors in the world. With multiple choices for piston rod packing, valve specifications, special coatings, O-ring materials, and piping connections, the industrial compressor line is compatible with a wide variety of hazardous, volatile, toxic, and corrosive gases. 

Each compressor is available with a standard mounting or a custom engineered package. The ASME B31.3 piping option is available upon request.

Reciprocating Compressors

Industrial vertical compressors are designed with double (D-Style) and triple (T-Style) packed piston rods and both offer oil-free compression. 

Technical Details

Reciprocating Compressors

Industrial horizontal compressors come in single and triple packed configurations. The triple packed T-Style is the only configuration offering oil-free compression.

Technical Details

Liquid Transfer Solutions

Liquid transfer and vapor recovery applications can be found at tank car unloading terminals, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, and many more industrial sites. Corken's vertical reciprocating compressors are commonly used in stationary, mobile or transport applications involving liquid transfer and vapor recovery. Many times industrial compressors are mounted to a trailer or transport and used for tank truck unloading applications.

Pressure Boosting Solutions

Gas and air boosting applications are a great fit for Corken's industrial reciprocating compressors. As a natural gas well approaches the end of it's life, the gas pressure starts to drop. Many times an industrial compressor is used to boost the gas pressure flowing to the pipeline.

In air boosting applications for hand tools and equipment, the vast majority of plant-air systems are capable of generating up to 125 psig (8.6 bar). Special considerations within a plant may require oil-free or lubricated air at higher pressures. A Corken air booster compressor can increase the existing pressure to 1,080 psig (74.4 bar).

Evacuation Solutions

Reciprocating compressors are commonly mounted to a special skid with various other accessories creating a mobile evacuation unit. They are transported by trailer or truck to an emergency evacuation site or to a plant performing routine maintenance on one of its tanks.