Energy Industry

The energy industry includes any company or industry involved with the production and sale of energy. This includes fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining, and distribution. Some examples of the energy industry are listed below.

  • Petroleum Industry: Oil companies, petroleum refiners, fuel transport, and automotive refueling stations.
  • Gas Industry: Natural gas extraction, coal gas manufacture, and distribution and sales.
  • Electrical power Industry: Electricity generation and electric power, distribution and sales.
  • Coal Industry
  • Nuclear power Industry
  • Renewable energy Industry: Alternative energy and sustainable energy companies. This includes those involved in hydroelectric power, wind and solar power generation and the manufacture, distribution and sale of alternative fuels.
  • Traditional energy Industry: The collection and distribution of firewood that is used for cooking and heating. This is more common in poorer third world countries.

Modern civilization, comprised of private, business, and government sectors, consumes large amounts of energy every day, so the energy industry plays an important role in the economy and maintaining a healthy society. Corken's products have a big role in moving many of these energy products from extraction (oil & gas wells) to the final point of consumption. Whether it is boosting the pressure of a gas well feeding into a pipleline, transporting gasoline or aviation fuel to a bulk storage facility, or a retail dispensing station, Corken's products can be found at each point of transfer.

Industry Process Map

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