Training Videos

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The below videos are intended for skilled technicians to perform preventive maintenance, service and repair of Corken pumps and compressors. Alternatively, Corken's Factory Service Center can service and even rebuild aging pumps and compressors and back them with a refreshed 1-year warranty.
How Corken's Factory Service Center works: Corken Factory Service Center Video
  1. Contact Corken at: (405) 946-5576 or to schedule service.
  2. Within 24 hrs of arrival of your unit(s), we provide a written assessment of the work required to repair / rebuild the unit(s) and await your written approval to proceed.
  3. All work is then performed by the same team that built your original units and only genuine replacement parts are used.
  4. Once complete, the unit(s) are fully tested and certified to the same specifications as the original product.
  5. The refurbished units typically leave the factory within a week of your authority to proceed with a renewed 1-year factory warranty.
To learn learn how to service Corken's reciprocating compressors yourself, click on one of the how-to videos listed below.  

To learn learn how to service Corken's regenerative turbine and sliding vane pumps, click on one of the how-to videos listed below.