Sliding Vane Pumps

The sliding vane design combines low cost with high reliability and ease of maintenance. The operating principle is simple. A slotted rotor is eccentrically supported in a cycloidal cam. The rotor is placed close
to the wall of the cam so a crescent shaped cavity is formed. The rotor is sealed into the cam by
two sideplates. 

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Regenerative Turbine Pumps

The operating principles of a regenerative turbine pump are rather subtle compared to other pumps. From a mechanical viewpoint, the regenerative turbine pump is a centrifugal pump. However, the performance characteristics of a regenerative turbine pump correspond to a positive displacement pump.

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Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Reciprocating compressors pull vapor into a cylinder through a suction valve by drawing back a piston to create a low pressure area in the cylinder. They pressurize the gas by pushing the piston back up into the cylinder to squeeze the gas out through the discharge valve.

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