Propane Delivery Truck

What is propane?

Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is a liquefied gas stored at ambient temperatures and converted to a liquid when compressed or cooled. Propane has many uses for everyday life but is commonly used for cooking, heating, and fueling private and fleet vehicles.

Transportation methods for propane

Unlike natural gas transported through a pipeline, propane is transported under pressure by tank car, tanker ship, transport truck and delivery trucks known as bobtails. The common size of a propane transport tank is approximately 11,000 gallons and a bobtail is typically around 5,000 gallons. Propane delivery trucks supply propane to dealers without access to tank car deliveries and home owners without access to natural gas.

Pump selections for propane delivery trucks

Corken has a long history of providing sliding vane pumps for Propane Delivery Trucks (e.g. bobtails). Corken's Z-Model sliding vane truck pumps consists of the Z4200, Z3200,
and Z2000.

The model Z4200 (4” ANSI flange inlet) is commonly used on a propane transport truck. The model Z3200 (3” ANSI flange inlet) is commonly used on a bobtail truck. The model Z2000 (2” NPT inlet) foot mount truck pump. These pumps are driven either by a PTO or a hydraulic motor. 

Benefits of using a sliding vane pump
  • Internal relief valve is pre-set at the factory.
  • Delivers high pumping efficiency and low noise.
  • Self-adjusting vanes improve the pumping performance by compensating for wear.
  • Hydraulic drive option is a small compact package that makes tight spaces a reality.
  • Thrust bearing design maximizes durability.