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09/24/2019: NEW!: Turbine Pump Models 18 & 19
09/24/2019: Literature Update: Turbine Pumps (All Models 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, & 19)
08/20/2019: Oil Recommendations for Food Grade Applications
05/02/2019: Literature Update: Technical Manual for All Horizontal Compressors
05/01/2019: New Bearing Carrier Design for All Compressors
04/15/2019: New Factory Service Center
03/18/2019: VIDEO: How to Align the Coupling Between the Motor and a Turbine Pump
03/08/2019: Enhancements for the Z4200 Truck Pump
02/06/2019: VIDEO: How to Align the Sheave to the Flywheel and set Proper V-Belt Tension
02/06/2019: Extended Crankshaft is Now Standard on all Model 91 Compressors
01/15/2019: Updated Direct Mount Frame
11/16/2018: Compressor Maintenance Video for Pistons (Spanish Version)
11/12/2018: LPG Compressor IOM Manual (Spanish Version)
11/02/2018: New Packaging Procedure for All Kits and Gasket Sets
09/19/2018: Compressor Maintenance Video for Valves (Spanish Version)
07/12/2018: Compressor Maintenance Video (Pistons for Model 691 Compressor)
04/19/2018: Compressor Maintenance Video (Valves)
04/05/2018: Single Phase 3 HP Motor for Model C16 Turbine Pumps
2/8/2018: Seal Installation Tool Kit for Sliding Vane Pumps (Spanish Version)
1/30/2018: VFD (4204-6X1) for Model 16 Turbine Pumps
1/22/2018: Mechanical Seal Installation Tool Kit for Sliding Vane Pumps
12/14/2017: PEEK Valves are Standard on All Compressores
11/17/2017: How to Set the Proper Impeller Clearance on Turbine Pumps 
10/31/2017: New Paint Process for All Equipment 
7/25/2017: REPAIR KITS: LPG & Anhydrous Ammonia
7/13/2017: BYPASS VALVES: Repair Kits Now Available
6/10/2017: COMPRESSORS: Material Update for Valve Plates
4/20/2017: NEW! Multi-Purpose Turbine Pumps (Models 16 & 17)
2/15/2017: PUMPS: New 1 Hp Motor is Available With C-Model Pumps
12/13/2016: PUMPS: Improved Mechanical Seal Design
11/21/2016: Maintenance Made Easier with New QR Codes
6/16/2016: New Seal Seat Material & Warranty (All C-Model Pumps)
4/9/2016: New Four-Way Valve for 107 Compressor Mountings