Fuel Oil Delivery Truck

What is fuel oil?

Fuel oil, also known as a heavy oil, furnance oil, and marine oil, is a fraction obtained through the petroleum distillation process. Generally speaking fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product used by a furnace or boiler to create heat or by an engine to generate power. There is a wide range of fuel oil classes ranging from number 1 Fuel Oil, a volatile distillate oil used in vaporizing pot-type burners, to a number 6 fuel oil, a high-viscostity residential oil that requires preheating.

Parameters and system components…

Since sliding vane pumps are capatible with a wide range of viscosities and application conditions, they are well suited for pumping fuel oils. System components include pumps, meters, valves, registers, electronics, in cab data management systems, and inventory control systems.

Suitable liquids for Corken's petroleum pump's…

Refined petroleum products, fuel oils, gasolines, aviation fuels, kerosenes, biofuels, solvents, & many others.

Applications served…

Bulk plant transfer, fleet refueling, bulk loading & blending, aviation refuelers, fuel marketers, and delivery truck systems.

Pump recommendations…

The PT- and PZ-Series positive displacement, sliding-vane pumps are well suited for fuel oil bulk transfer (loading) and truck (unloading) applications.

Benefits of using a sliding vane pump…
  • Adjustable, internal relief valve protects the pump from excessive pressure.
  • Deliver high pumping efficiency and low noise.
  • Self-adjusting vanes compensating for wear.
  • Optional air operated relief provides high and low flow options.
  • T-style strainers protect the pump from foreign material.
  • Hydraulic drive option is ideal compact spaces.