Autogas Pump

Three turbine pump models to choose from…

Corken offers three turbine pump models (060, 075 and 150) for its high differential pressure (HDP) packages. Each model number is designed for a specific flow and differential pressure. The model 150 Turbine Pump is ideal for high differential pressure applications requiring larger capacities and horsepower while models 075 and 060 are suited for applications that require a lower capacity, horsepower and differential pressure. Whether it is a single hose dispenser, two dual hose dispensers, or up to four single hose dispensers, Corken has a turbine pump for the application.

Pump Models Used with HDP Packages
HDP060 Up to 22 GPM & 150 PSIG
HDP075 Up to 40 GPM & 200 PSIG
HDP150 Up to 58 GPM & 250 PSIG
Specification (IOM Manual) Sales Brochure (Autogas Series)
Package Benefits
  • Cost effective (fewer wear parts)
  • Increased operational time
  • Designed for high differential pressure
  • Autogas dispensing
  • Cylinder filling
  • Vaporizer feed
  • Bulk transfer
  • Direct burner feed
Options available for single and three phase electrical sources…

Whether it's single or three phase electricity, Corken has an autogas package for the application. If a business uses single phase electricity, Corken’s optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) package can easily convert a single phase source to three phase service. The VFD also improves motor efficiency, reduces power consumption, does not require a magnetic starter and offers a slow start-up feature to eliminate surges of flow. If the business already has three phase service, the standard autogas package with a typical wiring configuration is used.

Available HDP packages
Standard Package Includes:
  • FF/DLF autogas pump
  • Electric motor
  • Bypass valve
  • Baseplate (FF only)
Optional Package Includes:
  • FF/DLF autogas pump
  • Electric motor
  • Bypass valve
  • Baseplate (FF only)
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)