The process industry is comprised of any industry or market that is concerned with processing bulk materials into a finished product. Process manufacturers take raw bulk materials and convert them into a finished product that cannot be distilled back to its basic or original components. Corken's industrial compressors and pumps are commonly used to supply a gas or liquid to the process.



The energy industry includes any company/industry involved with the production and sale of energy. This includes fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining, and distribution. Our products have a big role in moving many of these energy products from extraction (oil & gas wells) to the final point of consumption. Whether it is boosting the pressure of a gas well feeding into a pipeline or transporting gasoline and aviation fuel to a bulk storage facility or retail dispensing station, our industrial compressors and pumps can be found at each point of transfer.



The transport industry as it relates to Corken products includes truck and transport, liquid terminals, and marine. As liquefied gases, refined fuels, and chemicals are produced, they must be transported to a bulk storage facility or final point of consumption. Trucks, transports, tank cars, barges, and tanker ships are commonly used to transport them and our industrial compressors and pumps facilitate each point of transfer.